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Our fees will be applied to the host family, and will vary depending on the length of stay (pre-established in the agreement).

Stay from 1 to 3 months 225€
Stay from 3 to 6 months 300€
Stay of more than 6 months 350€
Summer stay 270€

(These fees do not include VAT)


Terms and Conditions

20 euros of service mananagement will be paid in advance. The agencie fees will be paid once we find the au pair that best suits the family needs.


This fees includes both management and post-management service:

  • - Selection process
  • - Follow-up until the end of the stay, at all times we will be available to both parties, in order to resolve questions or in cases of possible conflicts, and for this, we will provide a 24h phone.
  • - Comprehensive monitoring of the first month of coexistence, we are responsible for our work, and we understand that personal relationships are not always satisfactory, in this case, and if during the first month of coexistence, behavioral problems arise for some of the parties and they have severity reasons, to the point that they make it impossible to carry out the program during the pre-established time, we mediate in order to solve them, and we commit ourselves to offer a solution.
  • The au pair should meet the agreed period with the family and the agency that could be interrupted just in case of major setback. Otherwise the au pair will be obliged to pay the family expenses with the agency.


If the service is canceled before signing the agreement, the client will not have to pay anything. On the contrary if canceled after signing the agreement, the customer must pay € 100 in management costs.